• Support & Web Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Clients who opt for our Standard WordPress Dedicated hosting account will automatically benefit from a wealth of support and maintenance services normally reserved for ‘Premium website maintenance agreements’, which include automated WordPress updates, daily backups, malware scanning and staging servers.

For that extra level of maintenance and security, our WordPress Dedicated Plus package offers added support directly from our Montreal studio. We’ll monitor your site’s theme and plugins and keep everything up-to-date every week. If a plugin is no longer functioning, we’ll replace it with a suitable alternative. Montreal WP will also upgrade your theme when a new version become available.

Our WordPress Support Team offers a different type of relationship with our client, and we provide round-the-clock protection and backups. The feeling is that we are all on the same team, so no passing the responsibility between developer and host when there is a problem with a 3rd party plugin, as these issues always end in heart-ache for the website owner and puts a strain onto the developer/client relationship.

Our WordPress support may not the cheapest on the market, but in our opinion, it is by far – the best!


Annual Maintenance Contracts – Save 20%

For those site owners who have maintenance requirements that stretch a little further, we offer Maintenance & Support contracts based on pre purchasing development time in bulk.

With a minimum of just 20 hours per year, you benefit from 25% off our normal development rate. That’s $120 per hour to use as and when you see fit with no minimum monthly spend. You can use your time all at once, or at any time spread over 12 months. (Minimum time is 30 minutes per support request).

Use your time to develop a new feature on your site, redesign a page or anything else, the rate is the same throughout.