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Social Media Packages for Facebook & More

Social Media Packages for Facebook & More by Montreal WordPress

Increase site traffic & sales with our inbound marketing service

We don’t just build amazing websites, we promote them too. Inbound marketing for WordPress is a specialized area in which we hold a wealth of knowledge, and, over a decade of experience.

Online marketing techniques are constantly changing, and quickly. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for business owners and marketing managers to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media. Fortunately we can fill in that knowledge gap, and deliver practical guidance and advice; whilst actually creating and optimizing high quality content for your site.


Search Engine Optimization for WordPress

Who better to optimize your WordPress website, than the team of WordPress developers and marketing experts who put it together?

We’re dedicated to making your site work well with Google, Bing & Yahoo (plus a few other older search engines like Excite & AOL) so that it {your website} works like a highly skilled set of tools that push you company along as it breaks through new boundaries online. Through dedicated R&D we’ve gotten to know the best methods to get the best results.

Montreal WP does not just have one SEO expert on our team, we have several, each with their area of expertise. These include Keyword and Competitive Research, Onsite Optimization, Content Creation and Backlinking, all coordinated to deliver an efficient and precise SEO campaign.